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What is a paratrike, paramotor, powered paraglider? Is it safe to fly in paratrike, paramotor, powered paraglider? 


What is a paratrike, paramotor, powered paragliding? Is it safe to fly in paratrike, paramotor, powered paraglider?

We know it. Paratrike - paramotor - powered paragliding is something so new and different that you probably have many questions about the practice, performance and safety of it. In this section we will answer the most frequent questions we receive about.

And yes, paratrike, paramotor, powered paragliing is one of the safest flying machines known, with the lowest rate in the statistics of incidents.

In Sky Rebels we have the best equipment and the best professionals to make your paratrike - paramotor - powered paraglider flight experience over Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) something unique and unforgettable.

What is a paratrike, paramotor, powered paraglider?

The paratrike,paramotor, powered paraglideris an evolution of paragliding that arises from the need to practice this activity in areas without enough height, thus glider pilots began to be equipped with back engines, to help on takeoff in those areas (PPG).

Afterwards arose the idea of incorporating a wheeled cart (trike) which eliminated the need for any type of physical effort during takeoff and landing, while improving safety conditions during these phases. Thus emerged the paratrike, which combines the versatility of paragliding with the comfort and safety of airplane flight.

There are different types of paratrike,paramotor, powered paraglider; at Sky Rebels we have the best brands and suppliers in the market to offer you the highest quality in your paratrike - paramotor - powered paraglider flight over Maspalomas (Gran Canaria).

Who can fly on paratrike, paramotor, powered paraglider?

Practicing paratrike,paramotor, powered paraglider flight does not require any specific physical condition, nor is limited to any age because it does not require any physical effort by the passenger to perform this activity. Thus, even people with a disability or reduced mobility can fly on paratrike. However, there is a restriction on the weight of the passenger; being the minimum allowed 30 kg and maximum 100 kg. For safety reasons we must be very strict regard to this question, and will check your exact weight before the activity.

At Sky Rebels we assure you that you will enjoy a fantastic flight in paratrike - paramotor - powered paraglider over Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) accompanied by the best human team.

When can I fly on paratrike, paramotor, powered paraglider?

You can do this activity whenever weather conditions are appropriate. Because of the privileged location of the Canary Islands, it makes an ideal place for flights almost every day of the year. To ensure optimal flight conditions we always check the weather forecast before each flight.

In Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) we have optimal weather conditions that guarantee the practice of paratrike, paramotor, powered paragliding flight throughout the year.

Where do we take off?

In Sky Rebels we have our own private flight field for paragliding, paramotor and paratrike, located in the south of Gran Canaria, about 10 minutes from Maspalomas.

Is is safe to fly in paratrike, paramotor?

The paratrike, paramotor, powered paraglider flight differs from other aircraft and aerodynes flights for being a flight at lower speeds, this makes pilots to have more control and better response time to any possible incidents that might occur, and to make it very safe. We also include elements of active and passive safety, such as helmets, emergency parachute, lifejackets and liferafts; all this so that you can live a flight over Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) with all the security guarantees.

How many people can fly at a time?

It is a tandem flight; namely a pilot accompanied by a passenger. Therefore flights are individual and one at a time. This allows us to offer each passenger a fully adapted experience according to your wishes. While one passenger is making his flight, the rest will wait their turn at our private's airfield terminal, enjoying beautiful views and a picnic.

What does the price include?

For the Xpress flight, it includes:

  • Tandem flight in paratrike
  • Safety and communications material
  • Accidents and civil liability insurances
  • Taxes

For Deluxe and Gold flights - in addition to the above - it includes:

  • Transfer from your hotel
  • Breakfast (coffee, tea, water and snacks)
  • HD Video and photos
  • Baptism ceremony

What is the cancellation policy for paratrike, paramotor flights?

  • The company reserves the right to cancel the activity due to technical or meteorological reasons. In this case the amount paid will be refunded.
  • If the client cancels the activity more than 48 hours in advance, the amount paid will be paid, except for 10% per passenger for management expenses.
  • If the client cancels the activity less than 48 hours in advance, no payment will be made.
  • In any of the following cases, Sky Rebels will reimburse the client:
    • That the client is in a state of intoxication or under the effects of drugs
    • That the activity be canceled due to deliberate delay of the client or due to his not attending the activity
    • Exceeding of weihgt limit

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