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Terms of Service:

Sky Rebels is an adventure tourism company dedicated to provide tandem paragliding flights mechanical tractioned with support of a trike (paratrike).

The flight time and route will be previously agreed with the customer as listed by services and prices we offer, however other services requested will be agreed upon with the customer: route, duration and cost of  them.

Payment of the activity will be provided in advance. This also applies to any other contracted service.

Unless otherwise noted, the price of the activity includes: tandem flight in paratrike, duration and route agreed with the customer, safety equipment, communications equipment.

Companions: Unless otherwise stated, companions are not allowed.

All prices are 7% IGIC included.

Weather Conditions: performing the activity is subject to suitable weather conditions. Before the activity, we will check the weather and environmental conditions to ensure adecuated safety conditions. Sky Rebels reserves the right to modify the route in case of adverse weather conditions. In case of bad weather we will postpone the activit. In any case, the money will be refunded to the customer if the activity is not carried due to weather conditions.


The company reserves the right to cancel the activity due to technical or weather conditions. In this case the amount paid by the customer will be refunded.

If the customer cancels the activity with more than 48 hours in advance, the amount paid, except 10% per passenger for management expenses, shall be refunded.

If the customer cancels the activity less than 48 hours in advance, no refunds will be made.


-Minimum weight to perform the activity: 30 kg

-Maximum weigth to perform the activity: 100 kg

-If the client shows signs of intoxication or being under the influence of drugs, the activity will be suspended with no money refund.

-Pregnancy: Women in gestation can not perform this activity.

-Handicapped: This activity can be done for people with physical and sensory handicap (except in the case of quadriplegia or hemiplegia) and mild mental disabilities. Here Sky Rebels is not responsible for moving the client to take-off areas. The client must have a companion to assist him during the pre-and post-flight, with no additional cost.

-This activity is not recommended for people with heart problems.

-Minors: Minors must have parental permission to perform the activity.

-Sky Rebels, against deliberate delay by the participant at the beginning of the activity, may shorten the course or duration of it and without impairing the fun of it.


To carry out this activity must have appropriate footwear (sneakers or closed in any case sandals, flip flops, heels or platforms) to be provided by the customer; recommended in winter also bring long sleeves, and the remaining security material will be provided by Sky Rebels.

No heavy meals recommended in the hours prior to the completion of the activity to avoid dizziness.

Every customer that accesses our activities will be previously informed of the most common risks to which it is exposed to the practice of it, and must sign the information sheet and consent for the activity, in which declares receive that information.

The customer must, at all times during the performance of the activity, follow the staff of Sky Rebels indications and these security protocols established. In case of breach them, Sky Rebels will not be responsible for accidents that may occur.

In compliance with current regulations, Sky Rebels has the necessary Accident and  Liability insurances. You can request for a copy of the policies in the following e-mail: skyrebelsfly@gmail.com.

In case of accidents attributable to Sky Rebels, there will be implemented the relevant protocols by the company.

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