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Who are we?

Sky Rebels we are the only canarian active tourism company that offers the possibility of performing flights in paratrike.

Sky Rebels is formed by a young team of professionals trained in various fields and with a common goal: to make you enjoy an unforgettable experience in a unique environment and trusted by our wide experience of over ten years in the tourism sector.

Our flight leader is an experienced pilot with over 4,000 flight hours and 16 years of experience, qualifications ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) and ratings FI (Flight Instructor) both VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) , CRI (Rate Class Instructor) for multiengine aircraft and FI FI rating (Instructor Instructor).

From here we encourage you to know the experience and feelings of other people who have already experienced the sensation of real flying and unbound. And if you have already decided, please contact us and book your flight!

Why did we create Sky Rebels?

Another tourists company? No.

More people who are dedicated to sell excursions forgetting about their customers? Never.

Sky Rebels is the product of two dreamers-entrepreneurs, who have decided to pool their knowledge for a common purpose: to make our customers enjoy a unique experience. The idea has been developing and maturing over low heat, as do the good dishes. And that is what we offer, a great dish to taste slowly and calmly, reveling in each of the nuances of outdoors flights, without cab that separate you from the reality of flying.​

That is the reason why we believe that Sky Rebels is better than flying.